Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluation

Evaluations are conducted for the purpose of determining the presence of speech, language, and/or social impairments. During the comprehensive evaluation, the speech-language pathologist will use a variety of assessment tools to determine strengths and weaknesses in the child’s overall communication. The assessment will include a parent interview, review of past records including health, developmental milestones and previous assessments where applicable, formal standardized measures, informal observations, and behavioral observations.

For young children, the formal evaluation is highly play based with some structured tasks. For older children and adolescents, more formal measures are administered. The different assessments that are administered will compare your child’s communication skills to same aged peers. Based on the concerns of the parent and/or person making the referral for evaluation, the assessments will look at:

  • Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary
  • Understanding of concepts, directions, and complex sentences
  • Understanding and use of grammar and syntax
  • Ability to interact socially through the use language
  • Articulation of speech sounds
  • Voice Quality
  • Fluency of speech

Following the evaluation, the speech-language pathologist will have the information needed to guide goal development for effective therapy for your child. Results of the evaluation will be shared with the parents in detail and a written report will be provided that summarizes the assessment results and outlines the recommendations discussed with the parents.


General Speech and Language Screening:

A brief screening of your child’s speech and language skills that will help determine if a complete speech and language evaluation is needed to develop an appropriate individualized treatment plan (approximately 30 minutes).

“Social Minds” Screening:

Prior to entering our “Social Minds” program, a screening will be completed to determine appropriate placement in one of our programs.

Speech and Language Therapy

Individual Speech Therapy Sessions:

A therapy session with only your child and a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. These sessions will target your child’s specific speech and language needs.

“Social Minds” Social Skills Groups:

An 8 week program in a group setting designed to provide social skills instruction that will improve how students relate to the world and others around them through the use of structured teaching and real life situations.

Additional Services

  • Parent Inservices
  • Teacher Inservices
  • Consulatation with other service providers (OT, Schools, ABA programs, etc.)
  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs)