Parent Education Classes

Speech Tree Therapy Center offers classes to parents in the office covering topics including speech and langauge developmental milestones, techniques for expanding your child’s langauge and play skills, and more!  Please visit our website regularly for information on upcoming classes.

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Want us to visit you? 

Are you a part of a private school, home schooling group, MOPS group, or preschool?  To schedule a class or request an in-service for your organization, please contact us!  We are happy to come to you to provide your organization with a variety of short and longer work shops on a variety of speech and language topics!

Possible Topics:

  • Speech and Language Development: What is typical? How do I know if my child needs a referral for speech therapy?
  • Stuttering: What are the characteristics of stuttering?  How do I know if my child needs to be seen by a speech pathologist?
  • Let’s Get Social: Social Skills and Social Language: Identifying Social Language Deficits and Facilitating Social Language Skills in the classroom
  • Speech and Language in the classroom setting: How can I facilitate language during group activities for my students who have delays?
  • OTHER?  What speech and language topics do you want to learn about?

*NEW DATES COMING SOON!  Check back regularly and visit our Facebook page for more up to date information!