Cashing in at Target!

Raise your hand if you LOVE shopping at target like me! Now raise both hands if you LOVE Target’s dollar section! Target’s dollar section is my go-to spot for finding affordable, fun, creative, and interactive therapy tools. Below are few of my FAVORITE therapy tools and how they can be used in therapy and at home to target a variety of language goals.


Interactive Story Books

These common stories for children are short, simple and interactive. The wonderful thing about these books is that they are great for children with language at all different levels.  Kiddos who are working on using their first words can work on learning new vocabulary by having them identify the characters and different objects in the stories.  For a kiddo just beginning to use words, you can work on labeling the characters in the books and expanding sentences (e.g. I see a cow., She is eating.).  For kiddos who are using longer sentences, story retelling and sequencing can be targeted.  Finally, after you read through the book with your kiddo, ask questions to get them thinking (e.g. What did the pigs build? How do the characters feel? What do you think is going to happen next?).


Community Helpers Play Sets

All of the kiddos I work with absolutely love the community helpers play sets. They are great toys to work on pretend play. The sets typically include a boy and girl character making them a fun way to work on pronouns (e.g. Show me SHE is driving the car.) Actions and prepositions can also be targeted during play with these cute wooden sets (e.g. Look! The fireman is driving his car under the table.).




Vehicle/Location Felt Mat

Is your kiddo obsessed with cars and trucks? If so, this felt set is perfect for you! This toy is great for working on receptive language.  During sessions we work on following directions, identifying objects, and understanding prepositions (e.g. Get the boat and put it in the water.). It can also be used to work on answering questions (e.g. Where does an airplane go?).






Stacking Animal/Fruit Sets

Kiddos love stacking up the food and animals and watching them fall over! I typically use these wooden sets to work on vocabulary by naming the food items and animals. You can also work on identifying vocabulary by holding up two animals and requesting that your kiddo, “Show me the giraffe.”






Felt Food Sets

These felt food items might be my FAVORITE. There are so many ways to use these cute play foods! You can target categories (Fruits vs. Vegetables, Hot food vs. Cold Food, etc), naming and understanding food items, concepts (e.g. all/some, more/less), and actions (e.g. Eat the sandwich, cut the pizza, the ice cream is melting). I also love using it to work on prepositions (e.g. Where did you put the strawberries? They’re IN the pie).





Toys don’t have to be expensive to be great! I love buying toys that can be used for a variety of purposes and these toys are perfect for that! I hope these tips have helped! Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find fun and engaging therapy tools.  Now, RUN to your local Target and start exploring the dollar spot for yourself! What can you find that you can use at home with your kiddo?

Written by: Kelsey H., M.A., CCC-SLP (August 2018)



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