A Night to Remember

Last year I was introduced to the “A Night to Remember” prom for children with special needs.  I volunteered to help with the swag bags for the teens as they left the prom.   The whole event was amazing.  The Shield’s have organized this fabulous event for children who may not otherwise experience this “Rite of Passage” in our society.   When  the children arrive, they  are given the full red carpet treatment; from make up and hair stations, to jewelry stations, and a limo ride followed by grand entrance with cheering fans.  It is hard to hold back the tears (for a sap like me, at least) when you see the surprise on the faces of the children as they open the limo door.  They are then ushered to the dance floor where the party begins.   Not only were the children having a blast, but their parents were beaming with joy as they watched their children live it up on the dance floor.  I look forward to volunteering again this year and know that it will touch my heart just as much as it did last year.

Check out the attached article for more information and how you might be able to help.  Even if you live across the globe from us, you can be a part of this event!


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